Tulahead is what it is because of the people who pour out of themselves for others. Whether it comes in the form of talents, bookwork or hard work, Tulahead is blessed and supported by those who commit their time to us. Both in the here and now and for those to come in the future, every piece of paper filed, every nickel given, every nail pounded or leaf raked, counts toward a sense of love and goodness that if felt by each group, each child who comes to spend time here. 

At Tulahead there is often the impression that volunteers only have a role to play in the July-August months of the year.  The reality is that there are numerous events all year long that benefit from people extending their generosity, their talents and skills, and their time. Below is a list of 2017 events that you may feel like being a part of in some way. Please contact us at 250 295 6233 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can provide you with more information to help you in your decision. Specfic dates will be coming!

Testimonials - have you experienced something memorable at Tulahead that you are willing to share, please send us an email (above) and we will be able to share that positivity with others through our website!

1. February 2017 - The Tulahead Tour - camp-style events in Merritt, Princeton and ... 

2. March/April 2017 - Spring Work Day - Getting Tulahead ready for rental groups and camps requires many hands. Come join us for a day of work, fun, and good food!

3. April 2017 - "IMPACT ETERNITY 2017" - Our spring fundraiser provides a venue for so many to give that creates an annual ripple effect that cannot be measured in the lives that are touched by your generosity. 

4. July/August 2017 - Food Preps, Caretaker Assistants, Handymen are needed each week of camp. If you book early, please let us know and we can fit you in when it works best for you! 

5. October 2017 - "Growing Together!" - our annual fall fundraiser is slated to be bigger and better than our modest beginnings. Dream Big!

6. October/November 2017 - Fall Work Day 2017 - camp shut down and winterization are the priorities. We'll keep you posted about a date :)